Your Body and Success

By September 17, 2014Change

Pic_9-17What is your body saying to you? What is that inflexibility in your joints, chronic heartburn, muscle soreness, or dull ache telling you? Your body communicates with you through sensation. It may be telling you to address the strong feelings just beneath the surface. Or it may be struggling to alert you to a food allergy or to household toxins, such as that new ‘plug-in’ in the bathroom. Our bodies can be powerful allies, when we learn to listen and partner with them.

In Part One of this series, 6 Ways You’re Missing Your Life, we talked about the fear of Change. Today I’d like to talk about our bodies. Listening to our bodies is a huge step toward discovering aliveness. It’s also the quickest way to achieve the life you want.

It’s so easy to live life mentally; we believe that to succeed we must be smart, talented, and attractive. Habitual thinking tells us that our mind or brain is the source of everything. By believing this, we forget the very things that give our lives meaning, our senses, empathy and compassion. Befriending our bodies and responding to our needs creates well-being and peace of mind. Kind of ironic, but to achieve that open, loving mind-set, you must get out of your head! To be fully empowered and successful requires a mind-body balance. Try these tips:

  • Spend 2 full minutes, moving your body intentionally, sensuously without thought or intention, BE the movement. Now move for 2 minutes with more staccato, deliberate, intentional awareness as if each movement is strategically planned. Do you feel the difference? What would happen if you try combining the two? Afterwards notice your level of alertness.
  • Try breathing INTO a painful area of your body instead of becoming tense and resistant. See if you can discover the fear that initiates the contraction.
  • Be willing to grieve when necessary, it doesn’t need to make sense. Some things simply cannot be resolved without tears.
  • Sincerely consider this – what if pain is not the enemy. What if we stopped believing in pleasure as a “reward” and pain as a “punishment” how might that change things in our lives?


Listening is a great start, but you will need to take action to achieve balance. I offer much more in my 5 Steps to GRACE workshops, where I help women confront their inner critic, learn to notice, listen, trust and feel.

Next time you need a solution, ask your body instead of thinking about the issue. Relax, breathe into your center, below your navel then ask a question.  Remain still and relaxed for a few more minutes and then let it go. You’ll be surprised when the answer comes to you in the next few days when you’re least expecting it.

It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and I say the body is the doorway to source. Reconnecting to our bodies creates ease, self-confidence, self-esteem and profound increases in self-compassion. Are we more successful with these benefits, you bet! I invite you to stop relegating your body to the status of a vehicle for your brain. Engage your body in co-creation of your life and experience more success on all levels. This partnership can transform your career, relationships, and your sense of self-worth.

Join me next time for part-3 in this 6-part series:


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