We have been taught and encouraged to precisely define our goals, break them down into small steps and then take action to make it happen, “Just do it!”  This mantra is a strategy that works in some areas, but not so well in others. Dreams tend to be more responsive to nurturance and gestation and then, finally, an inspired action which is different from the effort required to make something happen. When we force a dream, it often falls short of the greater potential that could have been had our intention been broader.

There are an infinite number of factors governing the invisible intersections of our lives.

We are not privy to the ultimate grand scheme, and because of that, we are unable to organize all of those many factors into our highest potential. We have been taught to try harder; this is what I’m referring to as “making it happen.” When we align with our higher guidance, with Source, we become receptive, available, more willing to accept assistance.  Can you think back to a time when you let go of trying to control a situation only to achieve a better result than you had imagined? Feeling stuck is in direct correlation to our resistance to receiving.

Part Two of Three 

You are keeping yourself stuck when you become too narrow in your intention and focus.

  • You feel restless with anxiety as you fixate on the specifics of your dream, when, where, and how. It feels overwhelming.
  • You believe that, based on your research, there is only one way to make it happen.
  • You feel compelled to jump into all sorts of action from a place of nervous agitation about the outcome which is driving you.

It’s an inside job

Think about the first weeks or months of falling in love. Colors seem brighter, and the birds sing sweeter than usual. Everyone appears to be smiling, and you feel happy to be alive. You are inspired and larger than life, you can easily imagine a much grander potential than before. Believe it or not, this positive state is all your doing. You may be inspired to imagine a happier future which you probably attribute to this new person, but the feelings are self-generated. It is an inside job! These are the type of happy feelings that you can learn to experience without an impetus or motivation. Initially, your dream can act as the catalyst for feeling good. You aren’t hoping it will happen; you actually begin to live your dream moment to moment through conjuring pleasurable feelings. This is how you get there from here. This is how you release feeling stuck. Choosing to be happy is a lot like falling in love, life around you responds to your pleasure and joy. You have probably noticed that your mood impacts the people around you. I invite you to explore that further. Commit to being happy, i.e., choosing positive thoughts and words for the next 24 hours and see if you can detect the subtle ways your immediate surroundings are affected.

You Can’t Get There From Here means that if you are unhappy with your current situation, you will take that unhappiness with you into the next situation.

Feeling stuck follows you wherever you go until you begin to take responsibility for your feelings. This is the second post in a series. Click here to read Part One.

Stay tuned for part three next week, we will look at another way to release feeling stuck by exploring our view of “reality.”

Leave a comment and share a time when you turned your thoughts around and how that impacted the situation.