Activate Your PURPOSE, Define Your Direction


Give yourself permission to take the time you need, to stop judging and start supporting your desire to find and to have what you truly long for. 


This course will take you from anxiety and uncertainty to uncovering the over-arching purpose that guides you. 

Are you facing life changes that leave you feeling frightened and alone? Do you long for a more meaningful and creative way to express yourself? Are you tired of feeling like your job and your routine are sucking the life out of you? I would like to help you to uncover the missing pieces of the puzzle and reorganize the way you think about your relationship to work, creativity and your gifts and talents. 

This is for you whether you have a strong sense of your purpose or no idea what’s next.

Even if you haven’t given much thought to even having a purpose and all you know is that if you’re honest with yourself you’re not so happy with how things are.

What is VIP?

VIP stands for Values, Integrity, and Purpose. These are the building blocks of an intentional life. This is how you plan your journey. You may be going through the motions of life, avoiding the uncomfortable feelings. Maybe you compare yourself to others, battle your dark moods alone, question your decisions, feel like a fraud, doubt your ability to do something meaningful. Perhaps you secretly fear that you’ll never truly be happy, or that it’s too late. These are the side-effects of living without a center. The VIP program brings you back to yourself, helps you put yourself back into the picture. This is your life.

I’ve been there, I get it!

 You try this and that, you buy a program then don’t use it. You buy a book and read half then stop because you feel a bit better. On a brave day, you join a network or meetup group and feel better. Buoyed, you head to Face Book and after 30 minutes of reading about other people’s terrific lives, you feel like crap again. You tell yourself you just haven’t found the right person or thing, so you try more stuff, but fall back into the same patterns, habits, and self-recrimination.


This emotional “one step forward, two steps back” is ongoing.

It’s hard to see that you’re in it, until you’re out of it, which is why so many women stay stuck in jobs, relationships, and other situations much longer than they would have liked.

You need real SUPPORT!


You need to be seen, heard and to have your own wisdom validated. Providing that is my gift. However, it’s an energy exchange – I can’t do the work for you. I can, however, be your cheerleader, your coach, and your behind the scenes navigational system until you are clear, inspired and motivated to keep going on your own.


How do you want your life to feel in 6-months time?


Do you want the confidence, clarity and self-acceptance that allows you to trust your dreams and desires and to regain your enthusiasm and spark for life again?


Are you willing to remain indefinitely on the emotional roller-coaster buffeted by the next wave of circumstance?


The VIP Program can help you…


Define your direction based on what it is you really want

Develop a deeper understanding of your gifts and challenges

Clarify the over-arching purpose that guides you

Identify the trigger points that suddenly undo your progress and create resistance

Develop daily habits and practices uniquely tailored to inspire and uplift 

Here’s what you get…


  • You get the VIP workbook in printable PDF so you can engage with the 40+ pages of exercises, questions, and processes

  • You get 3 x 30-minute Skype coaching calls with me during each of the 3 modules

  • You get 2 visualizations on Mp3 to support your inner work

  • You get 3 Mp3’s, one introducing each module

  • Each Sunday I’ll check your progress inside the portal and respond to your questions, comments or any issues that may have arisen. 

The VIP Program will not complete itself…


You will need to make a commitment to yourself, and to me regarding following through with this work. I am not interested in your “giving it a try.” I require 100% or don’t bother. When you opt in, plan on working hard, this is a full 4-week commitment to assure you get the best results.

Choose wisely. If you are ready, I’m totally here for you and would be honored to guide you through this process of discovering your true purpose and meaningful direction.


LIMITED Spots are available…

This is an online program, but make no mistake, it is a live, interactive process. You can join me for US $397. I can, in all fairness, only give a limited number of people my undivided time and focus. I have 4 spaces available each month through November 2015.

If you are inspired and a little nervous, that’s to be expected! Feeling a little afraid of change is a healthy response. Trust yourself and join me before all the spaces are taken.

Wait! Is there a refund policy?


No, there isn’t. Why? Because if you’re already thinking about a possible refund you aren’t ready for this program. I’ve helped many clients find the direction, clarity and hope they wanted and needed, often with just one session. So if you’re willing to take action and invest in yourself and your true value, you could be the next success story.

If you are feeling a bit tingly, excited and yet still somewhat curious as to whether this is the right thing for you, I’ll bet it is.

However, I only want you to say “YES” if you’re as committed to your happiness and clarity as I am. In that case, I would be delighted to work with you.

The VIP Kit

$ 397.00

One-time payment

VIP Kit + Intuitive Life Reading

$ 569

One-time payment
VIP Kit + Intuitive Life Reading