The Must-Have Holiday Recipe

By November 12, 2014Compassion, Purpose

Pic_11-12Here we go…the holidays are upon us. Take a breath, relax your shoulders and create a Holiday Ritual Recipe.Seriously! Let me show you how to create a 2-5 minute ritual that you can use over the next 60 days to calm yourself and reconnect. This will be the most important recipe you use this holiday season.

First, what does it mean to reconnect? I’m referring to the feeling you have when you are calm, relaxed, and happy for no reason. It’s going to look different for different people. For you, it could look like – Inspired and fired-up over an idea or project. It could be snuggled up with a good book by the fireplace. Or, it could be hanging out with the grandkids baking cookies. Take a moment and think about what is important to you, what makes you feel the warmth, love, and joy? Once you’ve got the picture, this is your “scene.” Now start cooking!

Holiday Ritual Recipe

1 large pinch of Joy

Identify a clear picture of the scene the really brings you joy and immerse yourself in the feeling

½ cup of Harmony

Add in a song you love

2 Tbsp. Inspiration

Pick a favorite scent – Vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood?

(Essential oils can be chosen based on their properties specific to particular emotional states.)  

A dash of Motion

Perform a simple physical movement – this could be as simple as stretching, arms overhead, elongating the body with a big deep breath. Choose something you can do anywhere (even in public). Keep it simple such as touching your toes, or rolling your shoulders.

     Optional ingredient:

1¼ tsp. Intention

mantra: I radiate ___________

Mix all ingredients together well. Play the song, put the scent on a tissue and breathe it in. Visualize the scene while doing the physical movement. This should only take you a couple minutes at most. The most important thing here is timing. Begin well before the holidays and do this at least twice a day. Record the song on your iPod and pop the essential oil into a plastic bag in your purse. Do this whenever you think about it – In the grocery store, in your [parked] car, or in the elevator on your way to work.

Once you have started using your recipe regularly, you’ll be altering pathways in your brain to create a new positive habit. It’s important to start early so that when Aunt Louise spills turkey gravy all over your Persian carpet you will be ready! Plan tiny breaks throughout the days with family. Slip away for 5 minutes to perform your calming rescue ritual. Tell them you are trying out a new “tonic” and have to pee more often.

You’ll find more helpful tips this month so stay tuned! I offer workshops and coaching for women interested in improving relationships, becoming more confident and uncovering their next big step. Check out my free assessment at

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