Taking Action is a Full Body Sport

By October 29, 2014Purpose

Pic_10-29Sometimes we find ourselves in limbo. Limbo is waiting for someone else to figure out what we want and give it to us. We appear to be searching for an outcome while believing we won’t find one that satisfies. The difference between waiting and ceasing to wait is intention.

When a woman talks about there being “no good men out there,” she’s not doing herself any favors. She may “actively” be on match.com, but she’s subconsciously waiting. Waiting to be found, and rescued.

This may sound harsh but if we are honest with ourselves, we know when we are saying we want something and yet are not asking for it, and not taking action to get it.

Going through the motions without real intention is exhausting and depleting and leaves us frustrated. We point to external reasons we don’t get what we want; we blame, we distract.

Taking action, as a result of focused alignment is intentional action, there is a qualitative difference.  Being in the here and nowis a huge part of that difference. I believe being and doing are two sides of the same coin. But this should not be confused with the type of doing that is just a disguise for waiting.

When we desire something, an opportunity, a seat on the bus, more money, a job with meaning there are a variety of actions we can take. Mindset is important but taking action must be the primary thrust of our effort, and not just any action. If we want that last seat on the bus, standing nearby with a hopeful look won’t get us seated. We must ask the person buried in their phone or laptop to, please remove their things from the adjoining seat. The same goes for meaningful work. It’s not enough to have the qualifications, resume, and experience. We must study the organization we want to work for. Uncover their philosophy, their mission then discern if there is a fit. If so, it is our responsibility to find the one who will listen and let him/her know in no uncertain terms what we offer and what we need.

Intentional action is a powerful alignment that starts on the inside, but modifies external reality. How do we know we’re aligned? Our head is in the game; we are heart-centered, open, receptive and focused. Our power-center is pulsing with alertness and intention. “No” is not an option. We are vigilant for any negativity, inattention, or complacency. We scour and remove any residue of these 3 limitations.

When we move, we are body-aware and graceful. When we speak, our throat is open and relaxed. Our chest is expanded, and we become a force of focus and intention. This is taking action, anything less is waiting.

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