Sweet Pea Riot

By October 9, 2014Story

Pic_10-9When I was in the first grade, I helped my mother grow sweet peas on a big trellis she had built herself. I loved the paradoxical wildness of the delicate flowers, brilliant colors, and prolific blooms! They grew like crazy in the short Alaskan summer.

One day my mother gathered a large riotous bunch of sweet peas, wrapped them, and told me to give them to the secretary at my school. My school was in, what was then, the small town of Eagle River, outside of Anchorage. We’re talking rural, everyone knew everyone.

So in I go, and deliver the flowers to Verna. She gushes and thanks me excessively. I am not used to such displays of emotion. My short life had been lived in an airstream trailer in the middle of nowhere. I spent all of my time outside, mostly by myself. So I was unaccustomed to this. She seemed so genuinely happy over this bunch of flowers. So, in all of my six-year-old wisdom I say, “Oh, well, we have tons of them and they’ll just die anyway. What else would we do with them?” I left the office, she called my mom.

Communication, truth-telling and diplomacy are compelling topics for me. Apparently, I was not born with diplomacy. I had to work on that. The unflinching honesty, on the other hand, was turned upon myself, in my unquenchable search for truth.

The intention with which we say a thing to another generates impact. We are responsible for the impact of our intention. To connect with others with ease and grace, we must first connect with ourselves. The way we speak, and the messages we absorb create an impact both emotionally and physically. Self-connection goes much deeper than we realize. It is the door to our “spiritual alignment” and therefore our level of life-satisfaction, value and worth.

I teach women to recognize their own feelings and needs, to empathize with and value themselves. In my 5 Steps to Grace Workshops, I help you connect to yourself and to discover the tools that will enable you to attract the people and situations you want in your life.

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