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By September 18, 2014Compassion, Story

Pic_9-18It isn’t easy for me to share my personal stories. For years, people have said to me “You should tell your stories!” Yeah, maybe someday. Gosh, is it someday already?

Why is it difficult to share? One word… starts with a V.

Vulnerability has never been a favorite experience of mine. I’m a private person. And I do fret over what people might think – if they will like me, agree with me, etc.

It’s crazy the standards we set for ourselves. I’m harder on myself than I am on others. In fact, I go the extra mile trying to understand another person’s perspective. And yet I have to work just a bit harder to make sure I’m considering my own feelings and needs.

I have used many tools such as Astrology, the Enneagram, and Human Design just to name a few. These systems have helped me to map the geography of my personality and understand the inherent shadows and potential pitfalls.

I know something is up when my voice changes in pitch or pace. I may be holding my breath, or maybe my shoulders have gone rigid. My body lets me know when I’ve left the building so to speak, when I’m no longer present.

Self-compassion is what has allowed me to go deep into the shadowy depths and accept what I find there, grasping, inauthenticity or fear.  No one likes to admit that stuff is in there, so it’s important to have a foundation for holding oneself up while gingerly exploring the dark landscape we prefer to keep under wraps.

After all these years, I’m, telling my stories because I want to share what I’ve learned about self-worth, boundaries, insecurity and how to show up for myself. I believe self-compassion is imperative for women in particular. We are bombarded by media, advertising, film and popular opinion. Even our brains lean toward the negative by design. It’s one thing for us to care and nurture others; we have hormones for that. Cultivating love and compassion for ourselves requires a new skill-set.

I have created a positive foundation of kindness and self-regard so that I can reach higher as well as deeper. The discomfort of vulnerability doesn’t go away, but it’s easier to hold.

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