Removing “Should” from the Holidays

By November 6, 2014Change, Story

Pic_11-6How do holidays figure into your big picture? My family was small and dysfunctional. As a child of 8, I lived solely with my dad. In December, I would say, “I want to put the tree up,” and my dad would get the large, plain cardboard box down from the attic and leave it in the living room. I would remove the sparkly contents and set up the fake tree by myself. My father was a great guy, though highly introverted and self-contained. My mother’s idea of a holiday was a big party where she was the center of attention. I didn’t forge a good relationship with holidays.

In my mid-30s, I met a woman who changed all that for me.  She might drop $300 on an Easter brunch for her friends, or plan a “craft day” with the family that was actually fun. I was astonished and utterly intrigued. She could make the simplest of holidays a gala affair. It was fabulous!

I learned that holidays – any holidays, could be fun, and rewarding. The more I participated, the more fun I had. What a concept. To be honest, now that there are no children at home and my partner generally has to work most holidays – there is less motivation. However, I still make an effort to create a ritual, an intention, and to add some beauty and fun.

I would encourage you to feel into what you might enjoy. Forget “should.” What did you love as a kid? For me, the lights were a big draw. I thrive on color. I might do hanging ornaments instead of a tree, or I’ll create my own cards for close friends. Often I’ll pick just one thing and really throw myself into that so I don’t get overwhelmed with “too much to do.”

Even if you aren’t inclined to make a big deal out of the holidays, be sure to consider doing a little something you will appreciate. Add a splash of color, such as a large poinsettia or a special table cloth or festive pillows. The point is – enjoy yourself. Make an effort on YOUR behalf.

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