Giving Voice to Your Heart’s Knowing

An Intuitive Life Reading is a means of accessing your essence, uncovering insights, life lessons, challenges, joys and cohesively articulating them.


It is always my aim to help you access your own wisdom and to point the way for you to learn to access your own divine guidance through your own efforts. This is especially helpful if you are searching for your purpose or learning how to articulate and express it more effectively.


I draw from a variety of tools including numerology, tarot, human design, and astrology to help you assemble your puzzle and assimilate more of an understanding about who and why you are here, and what you may be trying to express or to offer yourself and to the world.

Being seen and accepted as you are…


If you have longed to be truly seen, heard and understood for who you are without judgment than I may be your girl. I am an intuitive and an empath, I will reflect back to you what I see and feel. I often receive an overview, or composite of information in the form of a metaphor or image. People often tell me they “knew” about the information I share on some level but had never been able to either “put it all together” or to articulate it.

An Intuitive Reading will offer you new insight into yourself, your direction, your relationships and your method of moving through the world. You’ll experience more clarity, decisivness, and direction. I want you to walk away feeling better about who you are, to believe more strongly in yourself, and to feel inspired and excited about what you may do next.

Here is what clients have said about Lora’s Intuitive Readings…


“I always have the feeling that what comes through in her coaching was there for me already…I just could not see it….and she is able to uncover the layers of misdirection we cloud things in, and point the way to the wisdom within….I walk away with a feeling of lightness, and a clarity and direction that serves me beautifully in the challenges life offers.” Kathleen Whitsel.


“Sometimes we just need someone to go to who can help us unravel the ball of thread that our lives can become. Lora is a competent navigator.  Her sense of perspective is highly developed and she will work with you to discover your own inner compass. She helps me to honor and rejoice in the qualities that I have, which I sometimes lose sight of.” Ana Couceiro


“Lora emanates good vibrations that tell you that she is compassionate and warm-hearted.  She has a way of tuning into the wave length of the person she is communicating with.  This is what makes her so intuitive and understanding. ” 
Barbara Evans

My promise to you…


Here are some of the benefits you can expect from an Intuitive Life Reading

  • An “aha” realization

  • A sense of peace

  • A clearer understanding

  • Less self-criticism

  • More compassion and empathy for yourself

  • Transformational tools you can use to increase your self-acceptance and confidence going forward

  • You will walk away feeling inspired

An Intuitive Life Reading is perfect for you if you could use some guidance and validation on your path. 


An Intuitive Life Reading can offer great insight into whatever is happening for you now and help you sort, clarify and inspire your next move. 

If you’re facing a big change and need ongoing assistance with figuring out “what’s next,” you may want to pair a Life Reading with The VIP Program to give yourself an excellent head-start before embarking on your journey to purpose. 


If you recently took part in the 21-Day Purpose Challenge this offer is for you.

For October and November I will accept a limited number of Life Readings at the special price of just $147

You will receive an email with a link to schedule a date that fits with your schedule.


I look forward to meeting you!