After all the years of working on yourself, on your relationships, and trying to unearth your purpose or calling, do you still feel like something is missing?

What’s working in your life and what isn’t? Take the quiz and discover a new perspective.

Life Reading and Consultation

If you have longed to be truly seen, heard and understood for who you are without judgment than
I am your guide.

I am an intuitive channel and empath. I will connect with your Divine Guidance to share with you a bigger picture of your gifts, talents, and potential for this lifetime

How Can I Help?

♥  I offer one to one Intuitive Life Coaching helping you bring your dreams and visions into practical application.
♥  I also provide Life Reading and Consultation  

♥  The Art of Feminine Presence, a 5-week series for women who long to be seen and heard and are ready to step into their power and presence with confidence
♥  Connecting With Your True Livelihood, an 8-week class on remembering your purpose and finding practical application in the world


“What I’ve learned from Lora is that we can overcome anything, and that events may impact us, but don’t define us or our potential.”
- Diana R.


"Lora's work is a wonderful gift to give yourself, and a nourishing experience for anyone who wants to open another door...see another path... take a deeper breath... and step forward into clarity.”
- Kathleen W.


“You helped me shift everything. Your phrasing gave me my truth without shame. That made such a huge difference for me.” Mary N


Lora’s integrity is deeply integrated into her sense of self. Foremost in her heart is her desire to be of service to others, this is what motivates her and what allows her to be such a clear and constant mirror. I highly recommend Lora as a healer, and a coach. Ana I Couceiro RN