Big Change, Big Fear

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Pic_9-10In my last post, I introduced  6 Ways You’re Missing Your Life. Today we begin the 6-part journey by taking a closer look at  how you miss, and the one thing that brings you back. These 6 steps are an integral part of recognizing how you lose yourself, your clarity and your alignment.

Think about the last big change you made in your life. What occurred to motivate it? Confronting illness, loss, ridged beliefs, or painful arguments can lead to a breakthrough. After which, opportunities pop up for better health choices, greater quality of life, stronger relationships and more emotional stability. So how do you stop being afraid? The answer is, you don’t. The key is to focus on the YES rather than the fear. Learning when to say YES and when to say NO is a big part of my coaching with women. Boundaries are a vital part of self-compassion. Sometimes learning what types of situations challenge us most can lead to an understanding of how we hold ourselves back from what we most want or need.

YES can look like this:

  • Yes, I’m willing to step out of my comfort zone. I’ll let down my armor and feel the feelings as they come without blame.
  • Yes, I’ll try something new… regularly.
  • Yes, I could concede to being wrong in the midst of a confrontation and listen to the other person’s point of view.
  • Yes, I’ll be open to eating a healthy diet, recycling, reading more, resting more, meditating, or pursuing a passion I’ve neglected.

YES, is a willingness, openness to the unknown. Sure, it feels vulnerable at first. Learning when to say yes from your wisdom, builds trust in yourself. It falls to you to show up for yourself with abundance. Step out of the fear that warns you “I might fail,” or look foolish, or feel overwhelmed.

You must explore your capacity for trust, and to discover what inspires your faith. You must believe in yourself in order to say yes even when you’re afraid. Expanding in the midst of contraction is a skill your body can teach you. The two exist together, hold fear in one hand and YES in the other. When the fear gets the best of you, be compassionate, and as a result, you’ll be stronger, with more staying power the next time, and the next.

In my workshop 5 Steps to GRACE, we work on YES as the conduit that connects us with spirit and teaches us to trust ourselves and others. Join me for Part 2 of this 6-part series: Your Body & Success.

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